Our Creation

Our chosen fabrics?

1. Cupro fabric - It is made from regenerated cellulose fibres from recycled cotton linter, the fluffy fibre around the plant's seeds.

Its Pros -
• Lightweight and breathable
• Biodegradable, a huge plus in the current climate.
• Drapes elegantly and feels like silk.

2. Hemp fabric - Hemp fabric is a sustainable textile made of fibres of a very high-yielding crop in the cannabis Sativa plant family. One of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibres.

Its Pros -
• The Soil Loves Hemp!
• Hemp Fabric Softens With Time.
•Hemp Saves You From UV Ra

Why do we recommend these fabrics?

Current fast fashion has created a culture of rapid production and disposal of clothing which is not good for the earth. But Hemp clothing helps solve this issue because, as a crop, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The water consumption requirement is a lot less compared to any other crop. That’s why switching to hemp clothing and help cultivation is an excellent way to save water.

We prefer using Cupro fabric Since it's soft, smooth and doesn't contain any animal by-products, cupro is also known as vegan silk.

It's a truly game-changing fabric because it's also hypoallergenic, anti-static, stretch-resistant, incredibly durable and, being thermo-regulating, it dries quick.

Our business ethics?

We are dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. It's a central part of our mission to approach fashion ethically and transparently that considers both people and the planet.

Ethics - Made in India, uses natural sustainable & regenerative fabric materials, gives back, safe & fair working conditions and ethical production practices.

Our Target market?

Product Range - Women's and children apparel, theme-based clothing, jewellery.

We seek to use Usage-based positioning strategies to highlight its customer’s centric approach to satisfy the changing fad needs of the customers around the globe.

what do you see for the future of the company?

"Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis ." Not only is it necessary to be the change in society but it is very important to be that change yourself first. We look forward to finding ways to not help our customers get better quality products but also assure them that no harm is caused to the environment in the process.