About Us

We are an organic and sustainable Indian apparel and lifestyle company.

By reuniting with our origins and striving to improve the fashion industry, we've created a brand where we promote the benefits of sustainable and organic lifestyles and fashion in order to leave a good and positive environment for the next generation.

One step closer to a better tomorrow

We purposefully choose fabrics for our clothing that respect the ecosystem and derive from nature. Sadly, the clothing industry produces more carbon pollution for the environment than the aviation and transportation industries combined and we believe that no one should die for fashion.

Fashion that will last for years and a lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

Our Story


“A move towards change”

"We were committed to building a company with the purpose of promoting ethical, sustainable, and organic apparel and lifestyle options while also opposing the massive amount of pollution that we have been responsible for. Creating a brand that solely promotes organic and sustainable apparel and living was not a simple choice. As a follower of Sadhguru Ji and his "Save the Soil Movement," I was so moved and driven that I made the decision to turn my idea into reality and established Rakhi Creation & Studio with the clear goal of promoting organic and sustainable fashion and lifestyles."

-Rakhi Mishra (Founder and CEO)

Our Vision

Our vision at Rakhi Creations is to create a world where fashion and lifestyle choices don't come at the cost of our planet. We believe in promoting sustainability and organic practises in everything we do. Our aim is to inspire people to adopt a slow fashion lifestyle and embrace conscious living. We want to encourage a shift towards a more mindful and ethical approach to fashion, where quality and durability take precedence over fast and disposable trends.
Our vision is to create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come by making sustainable and organic fashion accessible to everyone.
Committed to Quality: Committed to You

Our Mission

We believe that the fashion and lifestyle industry contribute significantly to carbon emissions and pollution, as witnessed by soil, air, and water pollution. We believe that for far too long, people have forgotten how naturally and organically the earth is linked to fashion and living. 

With a sustainable and organic fashion and lifestyle brand that values the environment, we aim to make a better world for tomorrow's generation, as we believe in fostering a better world for all living things. We believe that for far too long, people have forgotten how naturally and organically the earth is linked to fashion and living.

We only have one planet, and we think that we should give more to it than we take
We include plants with every order you place to contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment, and every order ultimately benefits our manpower and your sense of style and lifestyle.
#ConsciousLiving #ConsciousYou