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Sustainability is future of Fashion and Environment

by RAKHI MISHRA 09 Nov 2022

Sustainability entails meeting the demands of current generations without jeopardising the needs of future generations, while maintaining a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being. We can observe that, throughout time, people's perceptions concerning the environment have shifted significantly, and they are now driven to act in ways that benefit not just our own bodies, but also the environment and other people. Reducing the environment impact of fashion in the coming years can help save thousands of unnecessary deaths by reducing air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and overall climate. This clothing is created from natural or recycled materials that require little to no chemical processing and use little to no water or energy.

When we talk about "sustainable fashion," commonly known as slow fashion or eco-friendly fashion, we are referring to a movement that pushes for changes in the way fashion is utilised to create clothing and other consumer items in order to promote better social justice and ecological integrity. Concerns concerning sustainable fashion go beyond a look at fashion accessories or garments. It covers the complete production process, who manufactures it, and how long a product lasts before being thrown away. This long-term effort reduces the huge carbon footprint left by the fast fashion sector and other businesses by cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Biodegradable materials include tencel (a wood-based fiber), hemp, linen, and organic cotton. However, the concept of sustainability extends beyond materials. It also entails recycling such materials. Data on sustainable emerging fashion which increases the interest in this business. The COVID-19 outbreak and the country's mounting health concerns prompted the trend to climax in July 2020. The better we understand the worth of our planet's scarce resources, the easier it will be to develop in a successful, sustainable manner. Additionally, people will be able to buy and wear environmentally friendly apparel.

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